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Effective Public Speaking

Public Speaking like a Pro

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    With our program – 4 Steps to Speaking like a Pro

    Speaking to a small group of 2 or several 100 does not need to be difficult and is a requirement in many careers. To have your message received you need to speak with confidence and clarity.

    Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy

    How does it work?

    This Program includes 4 one on one sessions where we use techniques including Hypnotherapy and NLP to bring out that confident speaker, able to keep the attention of a room and deliver your message with impact.

    The 4 Steps are:

    • Confidence

    • Control

    • Create

    • Celebrate

    With the application of Hypnosis your will feel the Confidence that allows you to be in Control of the room and Create that impact your message deserves. Engaging your audience like never before. Now that’s something to Celebrate.

    The 4 Step Program to Speaking like a Pro includes:

    • 4 one on one sessions to build the confidence you need to be in control

    • Audios for ongoing support


    How much does it cost?

    Your investment in Speaking like a Pro is just $797 and can be paid via easy instalments.

    What will you get from Speaking like a Pro – it could be priceless to your career.

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      Results may vary from person to person. For more information, here are some studies conducted on the Effectiveness of Hypnosis