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Free Coronavirus Pandemic Hypnosis Sessions

We’ve made 6 of our titles free specifically for the Covid-19 situation

The coronavirus pandemic is a time for us all to pull together. We’re all indebted to key workers putting themselves in danger to protect us all and our efforts pale in comparison, but we’ve made these 6 titles free to help in whatever way we can. Please go ahead and get whichever titles will help you, and please share with whoever you think might benefit.

 Gag ReflexControl the Gag Reflex (for Covid testing)

Hypnosis can help you retrain an over-sensitive gag response to make covid tests easier.


Cure Needle PhobiaCure Needle Phobia

How hypnosis can allow you to relax around injections


COVID RecoveryCOVID Recovery

Enhance your body’s natural defences to beat coronavirus quickly and calmly


Stop Touching Your FaceStop Touching Your Face

Increase your resistance to disease and boost your wellbeing by breaking the habit of touching your face


Keep Calm and Carry OnKeep Calm and Carry On

Support yourself and your family by developing a calmer, more resilient attitude to challenging situations


Relax Wearing PPERelax Wearing PPE

Tune out the discomfort and find a place of calm focus while wearing personal protective equipment


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